Thursday, 26 November 2009

Stress Busting thoughts

Stress-Busting thoughts!

Of course there is good stress and bad stress here - I am talking about the harmful and situational types!
We all need an element of stress to fire us up, to make us spark and sparkle. In fact some of my best decisions have been made when my ‘back is against the wall’.
For those of you who are already working with me you will understand the importance of intimately knowing your personal set of values, ‘your footprint’, and knowing how to work with your values and help them to help you.
Harmful stress is likely to have been building up over a period of time and has potentially caught you by surprise! Typically this is where you are having to act or comply with wishes of others, or shackled by a limiting self belief the outcome of which means you are having to contradict your core values.
If you feel this is where you are then I am advising you to talk to someone such as myself to uncover the issues, help you to see the wood for the trees and make structured and practical decisions.

Top 10 situational stress busting tips!!

1. Check your values, which one are you crossing?
2. Talk it through with your life coach, a friend, someone who respects you and whom you respect.
3. Write down your thoughts, the facts about the situation, remove the emotion and in doing so ask yourself what is the real issue here?
4. Make sure you are taking regular exercise, as well as allowing your brain to focus on different tasks such as fictional reading, Sudoku, crosswords – avoid becoming obsessed with the issue.
5. Ensure that you are topping up your ‘happiness banks’ by fulfilling your values regularly.
6. In times of no particular stress - Work out what relaxes you ‘taking a candle lit bath’ ‘having a long walk with the dog’ ‘watching a film’
7. Enjoy some quality times with Friends and Family.
8. Make sure you are taking that ‘me time’ you always promise yourself.
9. Break down the problem into it’s component parts and deal with each one separately and one at a time.
10. Diet – ensure that you are eating regularly and that your diet is balanced. Which means fruit, veg and protein! I will post a separate note about the importance of the types of fruit and veg and how to cook/eat them. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine especially late at night.