Friday, 29 January 2010

Performance Measurement - Recognition and Reward

Job Performance Management System

For the measurement & reward of an employees performance against company targets and expectations.

Without quality Employees a Company will cease to function. A Manager is there to facilitate the performance of their team; a Director is there to lead the direction of the Company including the team.

An Employer or Manager needs to be able to understand how their team can most effectively operate.

This would involve understanding the dynamics of the individuals within the team – their strengths, weaknesses and where growth and performance improvement can be best achieved. How to effective communicate collectively and individually, plus what to shield and what to share.

A system such as this will create pride and passion in the company, a desire to work hard and achieve. The system should to be fair and objective, avoiding the risk of subjectivity. Targets need to be stretching but achievable; Rewards to be an incentive not valueless.

Step one - create specific and comprehensive job descriptions for each role.

Step two – create a matrix/Template which can measure performance against the following areas:

Performance targets

Coaching and self improvement

Customer service standards and feedback

Company ethics awareness

Company Behaviours

Health and Safety standards

Team development

Pride and passion, growing the Company reputation.

Qualify the effectiveness of each JD and PMS with Managers and company directors.

Using feedback from Employees, Managers and Company guidelines create a suitable reward package for excellent performance I.E. pay rise/bonus/shares/discounts/holiday entitlement etc. Equally a suitable reward for standard performance and a development programme for under performance.

Niki Chalkley – Professional Development consultant.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Life Coaching workshop 6th March Topsham


The Globe Hotel Topsham

6th March 2010

9.30 - 5.30

Lunch and refreshments provided

Please call for more information and to reserve your place

Price £65.00

01392 874561

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Brand New Year

Brand New Decade

Brand New You

2010 - The year to make all of those changes you have been planning!!

BT Business roundtable lunch December 2009

Back in December, I was invited to a lunch hosted by BT and the British Chamber of Commerce at the BT centre London.
This was following on from my newspaper appearance in November, relating to SEO (search engine optimisation). The objective was to establish how the large players in the web advertising world can make their services more accessible to smaller businesses.

I had the great fortune to sit next to Matt Brittin of Google - also there was Stephen Haines of Facebook,Cedric Chambaz from Microsoft, John Dunsmure British Chamber of Commerce , kevin Eyres from LinkedIn and quiet a few more!

An excellent lunch, thank you to Ivan Croxford and of course David Brown of lewis PR for organising the event.