Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How To Make Positive Changes In Your Life

Here are some interesting facts that may surprise you and encourage you to make positive changes in your life:

  • By not eating lunch your performance will drop by up to 20%
  • The Brain is 84% water so it is imperative to drink half a pint of water every hour to maintain high levels of thinking.
  • Your diet should contain 65% carbohydrate 15% fat and 20% protein to maintain high performances.
  • You need to drink 2 cups of water to replace the dehydration caused by one cup of coffee / fizzy drink (cola).
  • Sweets fuel the stress response so when over stressed reduce intake.
  • The human body was built for 'grazing', so lots of mini meals spaced out are better than one to three large meals.
  • The brain is connected to the spine therefore movement aids higher levels of thinking as it stimulates the cognitive brain cells, and generates higher energy levels that feed into the brain.
  • After 15-20 minutes worth of exercise the body’s energy levels are raised by 35%.
  • Tannin in drinks such as coffee and tea reduce the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body, so if you are lacking certain vitamins do not drink coffee or tea with meals, leave until an hour afterwards.
  • After exercise replace energy i.e. carbohydrates / protein within two hours otherwise fat is added and your energy bank is not replaced.
  • You need a minimum of six to eight glasses of water a day to maintain hydration in normal circumstances.
  • Two in three people suffer from high levels of stress at work.
  • Most people experience depression in some way but don't realise it, or acknowledge it.
So, what changes will you be making today to improve the quality of your life? All it takes it a simple change, and you may begin to notice big differences!