Monday, 5 March 2012

The Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water is one of the many natural things in life that is very vital and beneficial to our health, both mentally and physically, and as it is so accessible and cost-friendly to everyone, there's no reason why you shouldn't make a conscious effort to drink more!

Water is a natural remedy in many cases, meaning that it can potentially replace the use of certain medicines and make life generally easier. No-one can deny the importance of water, but what are the specific benefits of drinking it regularly to our wellbeing?

The list of advantages goes on, but here are some of the most useful and beneficial effects of drinking water:


Water is the ultimate natural detox tool, enabling you to keep your body pure and flush the negative toxins from your body. Our bodies are already programmed to act as effective detoxifiers, but this is mainly fuelled by the amount of water we drink, so ensure that your intake is frequent to benefit from these detoxing qualities.


Unknown to many, constipation can be helped significantly by increasing water intake. It is recommended that drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day can prevent constipation, as well as reducing the symptoms for existing sufferers.


By drinking plenty of water you are helping to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, which is particularly beneficial in trying to fight the signs of ageing. We are encouraged to use moisturizers daily on our skin, but when one of the main ingredients of such a product is water, why not save money and moisturize your skin from the inside out? Water is also great for reducing spots and acne, as it flushes out the bad toxins and impurities that are cause for your bad skin.

Weight Loss

One of the great things about water is that it is a good appetite suppressor, when drunk often, and will help you to keep your snacking habits at bay inbetween meals. It is also a great calorie-free replacement for fizzy and sugar-loaded drinks that are damaging to your health and teeth.


Hangovers are a painful result of having one too many the night before, but the reason behind this is dehydration. The best way to overcome, or even prevent, a hangover is to drink plenty of water the night of consuming alcohol, preferably before you go to bed, and continuing this ritual throughout the next day. Your symptoms will be reduced significantly, in particular that splitting headache!


The main cause of cellulite is a build-up of unwanted toxins in the body, and by not regularly drinking water and ridding your body of such toxins, you are more likely to get it. Once you have cellulite it can be difficult to rid yourself of it, which involves a long detoxifying process. Water is a powerful prevention for cellulite, as it allows the body to be cleansed of such toxins and waste products.


Water is an essential part of good kidney health, and with an insufficient intake of it you are making your body vulnerable to a variety of diseases by potentially putting your kidneys at risk. The kidneys act as a filter system in the body, but require the frequent movement of water through them to perform well, therefore by regularly drinking water you are ensuring the wellbeing of your kidneys, and consequently your health.

Water is such a vital part of our wellbeing and solves a variety of problems, as well as increasing the quality of your mental and physical health. Water makes up 50-70% of an adult's body weight, therefore it is important to constantly top up on our intake to ensure our bodies function to the ability they are capable of. It is recommended that we all drink 6-8 glasses of water a day in order to replace the water lost by our bodies on a daily basis, so why not make a conscious effort to reach this goal, and see how water can benefit you?


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