Friday, 14 May 2010

Style and Image Consultant - Perfect!!

Looking fabulous helps to increase our confidence, makes us feel happier – and most importantly means that we can communicate and connect with others with greater ease.

My business is about capturing the essence of who you really are, and translating this into what really works for you throughout your wardrobe.

Whether you’re relaxing, engaging in some high-profile business deal or out socialising, your image is important to you.

I offer full image consultations, covering your personal colours, your style treatment and your wardrobe personality.

I assess your work, leisure and lifestyle needs so that your new look will work “for” you, not against you. Getting your image right can help you to win business, create the right impression and feel great!

For less than the cost of a new jacket I can save you many £’000’s as you only buy what looks great, and what you’ll wear time and time again.

For further details contact Jo Smallbones 01626 201923 or visit her blog